You want to:

βœ… Get more inquiries for your services directly into your Instagram inbox, without even having to reach out to people yourself.

βœ… Pick up your phone to see another booking has been made - 100% driven by the content you posted on your socials.

βœ… Hear from leads that are ready to work with you without the "I'll have to think about it".

βœ… Be seen as an expert in your field by potential clients without having to spend hours a day coming up with new content.

You want to feel confident about creating content that actually brings in results (you know, new clients and πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ) and be equipped with strategies that don't take up your entire headspace, day after day.

Am I right?

Let's be honest...

😩 You're sick of putting all of your time and effort into creating Instagram posts only to hear crickets when they are going out (your mum and bestie don't count, sorry).

😫 You get the occasional Insta DM asking about your services but they mostly aren't serious about working with you (or just want free advice).

😫 You see others in your niche talk about their offers with confidence and their audience practically throwing money at them the second they have a spot open.

😫 You're wondering if you're ideal clients actually are hanging out on Instagram (spoiler: they are) or if you should focus on other platforms instead (LinkedIn, maybe?).

Let's change that. In a 60min masterclass.

I will show you 5 steps you can take to identify why your socials haven't generated significant leads for you so far & how to fix that by posting the right content on Instagram.

Access the masterclass right now forΒ only $60 NZD.

(A small investment if you compare it to the money your new client will bring in!)

What's inside:

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Hi, I'm Hanna - your social media strategist.
With a Master's degree in Marketing and 4 years of experience in supporting businesses in marketing their services, I'm excited to help you promote yourself and sign more dream clients.

Since I started marketing my social media services in 2020, 90% of my clients have found me on Instagram.

In my masterclass, I want to show you how you can do the same. Without having to sell your soul to Instagram or spending $$ on ads, promised.

Imagine this:

πŸ’­ You open your Instagram and there is ANOTHER message from someone who wants to work with you. All you did was post content that resonated with them.

πŸ’­ You stop doubting whether your next post will perform because you know EXACTLY what it is designed to do.

πŸ’­ Your Instagram page is a welcoming space for potential clients and helps them understand that you are the right person for them.

πŸ’­ You stop winging your posts, attract more paying clients and spend less time worrying about your socials.

3 things I DON'T do in my masterclasses...

I don't hold back on the best tips & strategies.

You are paying me to teach you something, so I will share my best tips. The same ones that I also give my coaching or consulting clients (but at a lower price point).

I don't use 80% of the time to pitch something.

I will definitely mention how you can work with me but that's after we've spent a whole hour together upskilling & learning.

I don't leave you more confused than before.

My masterclasses always contain actionable steps you can take right after you finish watching. At the same time, I also won't dump a whole new to-do list on your plate.

Frequently asked:

Who is this for?
This masterclass is for anyone who uses social media to grow their business but there is a strong focus on (online) service-based businesses like photographers, online coaches, graphic designers, SMMs...

What makes this masterclass different?
Let's be honest: I can't know what's going on in your business & your socials right now. And that's why I don't tell you to do X Y Z and promise it will fix your problem. Instead, I will equip you with the necessary tools to identify the problem yourself and take powerful action to solve it.
All within 60 minutes.